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Togetherness Festival

Togetherness Festival have invited us to hold a signature Antidote games workshop.  Why?  Because play brings people together, it can help us to feel more connected to ourselves and each other.  It is becoming widely recognised in academic fields that play is one of the most important factors in forming secure attachment in children.  From that secure base children move into the world with confidence, curiosity and an empowered awareness of one’s own potential to foster connections.  It is well known that play is a crucial way children learn how to engage and interact with others.  What is often neglected is the continuation of playful relating when we are adults.  When we stop meeting our relationships with presence and playfulness we suffocate an essential aliveness, that keeps our connection with ourself and others nourishing.  Antidote games workshops offer the potential to awaken within us a state of being that is aligned with a golden flow that runs through the Universe.  Serious stuff eh?  Well yes and no.  It is serious in that the sessions are planned with careful consideration and the act of playing is sincere and the benefits of doing so rich and far reaching. Not serious in that the sessions are fun, silly and offer the opportunity to break down relational blocks.

So that’s the games workshop in a nutshell!  What else?  Well folks there will be a whole array of workshops led by some of the finest teachers around the world. Sessions include Insanely Gifted with rockstar turned wisdom teacher Jamie CattoAlchemy Eros with Ruby MayEverybody is Beautiful – a body positive photo studio with Emma Myrtle, The Wheel of Consent with Rupert Allison and Level 9 with Adam Wilder.

Bring a sense of playfulness to the Togetherness festival and explore how human connection can help us to lead happier lives. Tickets are available here.

Togetherness Festival