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- Sing, dance, play, shake off the day. Every Thursday 7.30-9pm -

Golden Games With Tim Goldman

Tim’s an all round great geezer and expert in fun; an actor and musician by trade who divides his time between delivering games and drama workshops and making widespread mischief.  Think remixed versions of old school games like Mafia, Zip Zap Zoom throwing things, running around and forgetting the rules. A nostalgic throwback to the glory days of the playground where Bulldog & Wink Murder ran the show. Expect to play a mixed bag of classic games you’ll know and some juicy new ones Tim’s designed too.

The perfect opportunity to shake off the stresses of the day.

Move around mildly

Golden Games With Tim Goldman


7.15-9pm (Doors at 7pm)


Wac Arts
213 Haverstock Hill
London NW3 4QP


Free with a Flexipass
Tickets from £5-£10 online
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£15 on the door
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