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5 Great Places To Eat Outside

Yeah yeah, so we live in Britain. Britain of the eternal Autumn and drizzle. So what need do we have for great alfresco dining options? Because, in Britain, if it’s above 10 degrees and not chucking it down, we simply MUST eat outside.

So to avoid you being up hunger creek minus a paddle, we’ve compiled a little list of the best spots in London to nosh outside (when the mercury’s above freezing.)


What? Boulestin

Where? Green Park

Why? Hidden courtyard, chic French cuisine, classic polished silver and table linen vibes. Ideal for a high brow dinner with posh relatives. 


What? Crate Brewery 

Where? Hackney Wick

Why? Achingly cool industrial vibes, imaginatively topped pizzas, beautiful craft beers.


What? The Riverside

Where? Vauxhall

Why? Drink, dine and soak up the idyllic views of the river. Great for a date and then a Thames-side stroll. (Speak from experience ifyaknowhatImean.)


The Lido Café 

Where? Brockwell Park

Why? Bladdy perfect for a pre-nosh swim. Their menu is built on British seasonal ingredients and they do a ‘Prosecco Breakfast’, NUFF SAID.


What? Frank’s

Where? Peckham

Why? Jaw-dropping 360 degree views of London, cocktails for nay but a fiver, simple summery BBQ grub.