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10 Ways to Make Life Suck Less


  1. The very first thing we need to do to make life suck less is remember, ‘YOU HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE YOUR LIFE GREAT’. While easy to mope on the idea some people are ‘the blessed ones,’ we bring good things upon ourselves quite often by handling the bad things well. With openness, courage and humour. Sure, some people are born into the sun, with infinite wealth and consistent good health. But everyone has their troubles. It’s how we deal with those troubles that counts.
  1. Laugh hard and often at your own absurdity. Stubbed your toe? Bloody hell it hurts. But try laughing at the situation, at your big ridiculous face red with pain and a real laugh will come soon to ease the pain for real.
  1. Be generous with your kindness. (Except maybe when it comes to cake.) Take people places, make people dinner, give people books. Being MORE KIND protects against a sucky life.
  1. Set your intentions by the moon. This is a nice hippy one isn’t it? Very earthy of us. But really, using the ticking fullness of the moon as a deadline is pretty wonderful. Have something to finish by Feb? Aim to get it done by the time the full moon comes around. It’s ethereal presence offers a far more natural reminder for us to achieve something than a laptop to-do-list.
  1. Speaking of which, acquiring a hot notepad – be it in work or out – is a good one too. We love the Dodo Pad and some of the diamonds Not On the Highstreet has to offer too. If what you’re scribbling notes on excites you you’re only going to want to cultivate more decent ideas on it surely?
  1. Eat less sugar. SNORE. Seems boring and preachy but the energy crashes and lack of motivation caused by refined sugar comedowns are something you can do without. Make sexy fruit juices instead and make the pious eaters at your office jealous.
  1. Treat yourself to some new bedsheets. We’re newly obsessed with brushed cotton as it’s pretty much like rolling around in an angel’s bosom. You spend a decent chunk of your life sleeping so why not spend it in the arms of angels eh? A good night’s sleep is where it’s at.
  1. Go watch a film for a fiver every Monday at the cosy little Genesis cinema in Whitechapel. Films are great and life sucks less when it has robots, explosions and Bill Murray in it.
  1. Take a big deep breath and do that thing you’ve been putting off. Whatever’s lurking at the back of your storage cupboard, pull it out, talk about it, do it, deal with it. Very often the longer something stays in the cupboard the more it rots, so deal with it now while it’s still vaguely sweet.
  1. Stay in, with mates. While holing yourself up with Netflix like a lone little hobbit when you’re skint is plenty nice, hibernation is far more fun when you share it with friends. Even better is starting the year by catching up with old ones. Have a ‘mocktail’ (sorry we hate that word too) making session for all of you doing Dry January too perhaps? Or start a supperclub, taking turns each week to craft a feast.