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Cinematic Gold

No 90s turkeys here and we’re not talking about slushy romcoms either. Here’s a personally curated list of our Antidote cinematic favourites, ones that have pulled us through in fragile hours (and when there’s nowt good on the idiot box.)


O Brother Where Art Thou
One of Coen brothers’ finest works to date. The film is set in 1937 Mississippi starring George Clooney, John Turturro and Tim Blake Nelson (among others.) A hilarious satire loosely based on Homer’s Odyssey with the most epic Folk and Bluegrass soundtrack you could care to imagine.


Will Ferrell stars as the buffoonish anchorman Ron Burgundy in this 2004 absolute comedic DIAMOND, complete with 70s power suits, mean moustaches and *swoon Paul Rudd. Not convinced? Here’s a load of the top one liners from the film.


Life Is Beautiful
Kleenex at the ready. Roberto Benigni stars as Guido Orefice in this truly beautiful film which he also co-wrote and directed based on his own father’s experiences in a Nazi concentration camp. Exploring a man’s unfailing positivity and imagination in the face of oppressive conditions for the sake of his small son, this film is both utterly tragic and uplifting and one we cannot recommend enough.


Point Break
Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reaves, 80s soundtrack, one epic bromance, moody-distance-staring, this film’s got it all (if you like everything on the aforementioned list that is.)


The Producers
There two versions of this film. The 1968 original with Gene Widler and Zero Mostel and the 2005 version with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. Both are equally witty and iconic. A dark comedy, and now cult classic, the story sees musical producer Max Bialystock and accountant Leo Bloom devise a sneaky plan to create a sure-fire Broadway flop and abscond to Brazil with the illegally acquired investment. Penned exquisitely by Mel Brooks, the film won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay when it was first released in 1968 and features an incredibly catchy score by John Morris. This is our go to film for silliness and sing-alongs.


 Priscilla Queen of the Desert
Before the musical came the film, and what a film it is. Following the journey of two drag queens and a transsexual across the Australian outback in a clapped-out tour bus named Priscilla, this is raucous, theatrical cinema at it’s finest.


Pretty Woman
Ok ok, we said no slushy rom-coms would make the list, but this one’s golden.


Big Fish
Fantasy, adventure and drama come together to create this touching and beautifully crafted story of a young man learning more about his dying father through reliving the stories that coloured his life.


Moonrise Kingdom
Wes Anderson’s whimsical and charming film-making never fails to have us weak at the knees here at Antidote. And Moonrise Kingdom is no exception. Following a pair of young lovers who flee their home, and their ensuing capers as search parties chase them, this is a gorgeous film to watch on a rainy Sunday. Notably hilarious and quirky performances from Bruce Willis, Ed Norton and Bill Murray too.


Sound Of Music
THE HILLS ARE ALIIIIVEEE…! We know you know all the words, there’s absolutely no point trying to resist this one’s classic charm.


The Big Lebowski
Another Coen brothers’ gem that simply had to make the cut. Jeff Bridges stars as the oblivious, lovable slacker, ‘The Dude,’ who falls victim in a convoluted case of mistaken identity. Featuring a gun-toting John Goodman and plenty of the Dude’s favourite beverage, the White Russian, this film gets better every time we watch it.


Cool Runnings
There’s a special place in our heart for this film stemmed from a childhood spent repeatedly begging mum to take us to Blockbuster on a Friday night and rent this out. A Jamaican bob sleigh team try to make it big at the Winter Olympics with plenty of 90s comedic hiccups along the way. Contains the immortal line, “kiss ma lucky egg!” Nuff said.


Jeux D’Enfants/Love Me If You Dare
In a small town in Belgium the daughter of poor Polish immigrants and the son of wealthy Belgians embark upon a lifetime game of dares together. A risky, charming and darkly romantic comedy.