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Ethical Fashion Brands

If you’re anything like us, lusting after bargainous slivers of bobbly lycra has started to leave us a little, well, cold. That creeping feeling of guilt when a ‘100% Polyester’ label leers out from a cheap impulse buy, know it? Quite understandable really considering the morally questionable manufacturing conditions many modern clothes are made in. We know all too well that little label betrays a multitude of consumerist sins, (not to mention itchy and synthetic fashion ones).

But a greener era of shopping has arrived headed up by an army of brilliant designers and companies who put sustainably-sourced fabrics, ethical production methods AND fare wages at the top of their priority lists when crafting their products.

Perhaps it was only a matter of time- owing to Veganism’s ever expanding grasp on our diets- why shouldn’t our wardrobes mirror the ethical conscience of our dining habits?

Bout time we pulled our consumerist socks up really, celebrated authentic togs, made ethically and crafted to last? Sure thing. So here’s some fashion folks doing just that, real well, so you can start purchasing their stuff with pride.

People Tree –  Safia Minney’s iconic fashion brand.

Ethical Superstore – an online ethical haven, particularly super for men’s and ladies basics.

Liv – achingly chic beachy vibes, awesome skincare.

Beyond Skin – genuinely snazzy vegan footwear.

Fashion Compassion – best for high-end bags & accessories.

Braintree – feminine, floaty vibes, great for pastels and prints.

There’s Only One Amy Laws – for GORGEOUS handmade, screen-printed women’s & girl’s dresses.