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The Rijksmuseum in your home

Being a Dutch child from the 90’s I never grew up visiting the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam as it was closed for 12 years (!) for renovation works. It’s back open now but I am no longer living there…

Luckily we can all enjoy the Rijksmuseum here in London, or better said in our own homes. As part of a master plan to engage more people in the arts, the Rijksmuseum has created Rijksstudio; an innovative digital platform that makes a large part of the museum’s collection available to all, absolutely free of charge. Some 200,000 well- and lesser-known pictures can be examined in close detail. You can edit, download in high resolution and use them in any way you wish (see examples of tattoo, car and video artwork below) :



Some of my favourite artworks:


Still Life with Flowers on a Marble Tabletop, Rachel Ruysch, 1716



Besneeuwde ochtend in Koishikawa, Katsushika Hokusai, Nishimura Yohachi, c. 1830 – c. 1835



Groene vogel, Kôno Bairei, Aoki Kôsaburô, Aoki Kôsaburô, 1893

 Visit Rijksstudio here  and start making your own creations!