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Getting More Joy Out Of Eating

“Rome wasn’t built on an empty stomach.” And neither was happiness.

When subsisting on a diet of pizza and cider at university, quite understandably I felt rather porky and glum. But there’s been a palpable change in my mood, motivation and positivity since I really started thinking about what I consume. Yes, it’s about being mindful but it’s also about being playful. Taking the time to enjoy the social ritual of eating and enriching that practice too through appreciating what I’m putting in my gob how, when, and with whom.

Anyone can tell you that spinach is better than Cadbury’s and we should endeavour to eat more veg and less sugar, but if we make the whole eating process more joyful we naturally start to be more selective and healthy with our eating habits. When looking at food in a different way, in a way that says eating shouldn’t be about simply staving off hunger but fuelling your body and mind in a fun, playful, thoughtful way dinner-time gets so much better.

So here are some top tips we’ve compiled here at Antidote for getting more joy out of grazing:

-Invest in a badass lunchbox. Tupperware’s never screamed sexy. A snazzy lunchbox can also make for a great conversation starter in the park, (this has actually happened to me with a group of tourists who stopped to admire my tin Wonderwoman lunchbox.) Ended up getting a free banana and an invite to Sicily. True story.

-Eat these:



Instead of these:

choc bars

A mindblowingly tasty snack, you’ll be supporting more ethically-sound business and cutting out some of those E number nasties.

-Get messy. Make some tapas and eat with your hands. As animals it’s only natural that we take food from the earth and then eat it with our hands, so start getting those paws dirty.

-Save money on average shop-bought sarnies and overpriced snacks and take your mum/man out for dinner.

-Make homemade ice lollies in the Winter and then you’ll suddenly remember they’re lurking at the back of your freezer in Summer. Good recipe here.

-Make a monster face sandwich for lunch

-Incentivize your eating. If you’ve just gobbled an exemplary lunch full of nutritious goodies then how bout treating yourself to a new top or a dance around in your pants to your guilty pleasure playlist?

-If it’s sunny, get your bum off that lumpy office chair and go get some fresh air and Vitamin D while snarfling your lunch. Eating alfresco’s ruddy good for you.

-Having a picnic? Play some games between each course to build up your appetite and make you appreciate each course more

-Buy your fruit and veg from a market where possible. Borough’s a lovely posh one, or Broadway is a hippy cool one in East London. Not only will you learn more about where your food is from, but quantities, bargaining and the delightful art of market-vendor-banter.

-Put flowers on your dining table, (even fake ones if you’re skint) it’s makes for a much brighter place to eat and you’ll enjoy your dining experience more.

– Jazzing up a garden (if you’re lucky enough to have one in London!) with proper outdoor chairs and a table will encourage you to make the most of alfresco dining. You can pick some up free on Freecycle or find some cheap local pick-up options on Ebay.

-Spend quality time with your offspring making fresh juice, baking a cake or fashioning self-portrait-inspired homemade pizzas rather than pouring over a takeaway menu.