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Healthy Ice Lollies

You’ll need a blender, lolly mould (you can get super cheap from most supermarkets or those smashing little pound shops) and a couple of hours for freezing time.

Smooth banana and blueberry lollies

– 2 medium sized bananas

– 150g of blueberries

– 2 tbsp yoghurt

Creamy raspberry & strawberry lollies

– 80g of raspberries

– 150g strawberries

– 100ml yoghurt (the thicker the better)

– 100ml milk (full fat ideally)

How to make:

1. Put all ingredients of your lolly choice into a blender & mix til smooth and thick

2. Divide the mix into 4 lolly makers, give it a few hours and ta dah!

Offer them round too if you’re feeling super nice 😉

Healthy Ice Lollies