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Museum of Happiness

The Museum of Happiness

Big up the bros & sisters over at Museum of Happiness!

If you haven’t discovered them yet now’s the perfect time, as they’re just about to get a permanent home at the gorgeous little Canvas Cafe just off Brick Lane. Motivated by a desire to get people learning about the essence of happiness and well-being, MoH are a truly smashing group of people. Co-founded by Shamesh, Victoria & Kieran, the organisation puts on playful events for anyone really interested in thinking about what and why things make them happy. With Mindful Origami, massage, laughter yoga and games sessions just some of the things you can try at their events, they really know how to bring the people together that make playful waves. (Which we’re TOTALLY into.)

Far more than just a happy events company, Museum of Happiness are also an inspiring source of information and catalyst for conversation about happiness and the science and thoughts that surround it. Shamesh has even published a book detailing his work with Mindfulness – pretty good eh?

So go check them out. Play at one of their events and reflect on those moments of happiness and how they were achieved. Let’s get connecting and spreading the happy love.