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Pimp Your Pad

There’s nothing better than coming home to a nest that feels yours truly. A pad you feel proud to invite people over to, safe in the knowledge that they’ll turn a perfect shade of emerald the minute they spot your up-cycled cushions and sexy new teapot. So here’s some homeward & decorating inspiration to help transform your inner-city shoebox into the castle you always dreamed you’d be king of.


Galaxy Duvet for a night under stars even when you’re in smoggy London



A Jolly Teapot: perfect reason to invite someone over for a catch up! or have a look in charity shops!



Weird and wonderful DIY Mannequin Leg Tables just superglue/nail a flat piece of wood to the waist, paint, and Bob’s your uncle – a new table!

mannequin tables


Scatter Cushions to pimp up your sofa



Glass Bottles repainted with Enamel paint to make vases/sauce/water jars

painted glass bottles


Super Snazz Fairy Lights for inventive mood lighting during a dinner party



Recycled Rug for original and ethical floor decoration



Fresh Flowers from your garden, local fields, station florist… ANYWHERE! They give life to a room AND smell glorious.



DIY Clock what better than a handmade timepiece to personalise your crib?



World Map for the kitchen wall. To inspire exploring and track past, present and future adventures