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Our 2 Cents on Dating: TrueView

We’ve recently fallen in love. With a dating app.

At Antidote we often happen across marvellous things to hear, see, eat, make and do; so we can share lovely stuff with our followers and big up people who we vibe. And recently we stumbled across a dating thing, TrueView to be precise, that we fell heads over heels for. It’s a dating app based on the idea that you’re more likely to find love while you’re doing the things you love. And we couldn’t agree more. (Did we mention we had an Antidote wedding some years ago? Yup, two lovebirds met at our workshops and ending up tying the knot. Pretty smug about that.)

TrueView are an East London based start-up who created the app to signpost people towards fun stuff happening in their city that they love, and other people are doing too. Their swell suggestions showcase everything from pizza-making, to theatre, to cocktail-swigging. Something for every single. This re-working of the often superficial ‘online hook-up,’ model also combats that inclination to ‘expand the truth’ of what you do in your spare time. For example, ’I enjoy horseriding, arthouse films and wine-tasting.’ Really? We’d love to be watching arthouse films and riding ponies through the Devon wilds every night. But the reality is, we’re much more likely to be in our local pub or geeking-it-up in the Science museum.

We often connect best with people by finding the real links between us; a sense of humour, an experience shared, an opinion agreed with. Like you know that juicy moment you discover someone you fancy’s going to the same gig as you? There’s something in that isn’t there. The dual excitement of maybe bumping into them at the bar coupled with the fact they too adore that scraggy band from the 90s. WOOHOO. Who cares if we’re both losers for loving them? We’re star-crossed losers and that makes it ok. TrueView works because it’s about this honesty from the start rather than a built-up digital set of ideals.

While it’s enchanting to think a beautiful stranger will waltz into our life at the perfect moment, one can’t sit back and wait forever. Dating is proactive, it’s fun, it’s an platform to meet various wonderful/odd/entertaining people that at best may help you find your future spouse, and at worst provide you with hilarious anecdotes for your mates. The modern technological age affords a wealth of great online dating opportunities, TrueView being the best in our humble opinion. (Sozza Tinder, but the endless-swiping-date-lottery vibe just isn’t our thing.) And we think TrueViewing is a bloody good site better than lamenting one’s singledom on the sofa with a bottle of Pinot.