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Ways to Practice Self Love

Start with yourself and rest will come.


  • A great place to start is with the Yogic principle of ‘Ahinsa’ or ‘non-violence’. When practicing Ahinsa you work towards cutting out violent thoughts, actions and words, principally against yourself. Know those mean comments in your head about looking fat or tired? That’s your inner critic speaking, and taking a moment to discipline that critic and tell it those thoughts simply aren’t true is an awesome step towards self-love.
  • Go for a long walk.
  • Do NOT compare yourself. No, DO NOT. You are different and enough.
  • Realize self-love is not just about putting in, it’s about taking away. Removing negativity and poisonous relationships from your life might sound quite daunting but moving to remove them with a, ‘I feel we’re on a different wavelength and I’d be happier without you,’ is a powerful move that will leave you stronger and better off. There are plenty of people in the world that will bring joy to your life, go find them.
  • Make a list of fun stuff you like to do, look at Timeout for inspo. And then go do them.
  • Think of things you are grateful for! Gratitude breeds humility and appreciation and shifts the focus from ourselves to the people and things we are grateful for. Practicing the art of gratitude itself is practicing self-love as it cultivates your ability to love and be loved. Do this by writing a list of and sticking it your mirror once a week so it stares you in the face and reminds you of the great things that populate your existence.
  • Replace caffeine with water or fruit tea, your mind and body will LOVE you for it.
  • Laugh in the face of adversity. Whether when falling flat on your face in yoga or missing a work opportunity, try having a good laugh at yourself and the absurdity of life and you will learn to love your humour and strength too.
  • Meditate.
  • Treat your body with love! Put good food in it, lots of water, slap your bum and tell it, ‘YOU’RE BLOODY LOVELY YOU ARE’ and then take that lovely bum to a dance class and exercise it.