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We’ve got a new BFF, meet Wonderush. We think you’ll get along famously.

If you haven’t heard of them yet Wonderush are essentially a lifestyle fairy godmother. They collect and wrap up some of the very best workshops, classes and experiences in London and deliver them to you in a pimped package that costs the bargainous price of £29.99 a month. That’s unlimited different and awesome things to enjoy each month to expand your mind and (potentially) muscles. Sweet.

A little similar to what you guys do Antidote? Weeelll yeah, quite similar actually.

And quite often discovering a business with a similar vibe isn’t a positive thing for an events company. Competition, particularly in a saturated market like London, is not usually good. But discovering Wonderush has pretty much been a winner winner chicken dinner right from the off. They are all about encouraging people to do more awesome things and relish the unique cultural opportunities on offer in London. Which we utterly relate to and support. Underpinned by a very similar ethos to ours, Wonderush get people to try more interesting stuff and connect with more people in the process. HELL YES. More of this please London. They help us fill up last min spaces and we help give them more workshops for their people to enjoy. Pretty peachy. Any company that preaches the good word of curiosity, encourages playfulness and is well up for a game of Duck Duck Goose gets our vote. Particularly as the team behind the big pink letters are super nice to collaborate with too.

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Over the last few years we’ve seen a number of ‘lifestyle services’ (is that the right term for them…?) (Is now) crop up in London. For a lot of them the priority seems to be to generate maximum revenue with a not very diverse pool of classes. And why shouldn’t it be? They are businesses after all. But the wonderful thing about Wonderush is that it was the brainchild of someone who is genuinely massively into trying new stuff and wants others to too. Thus the events they pick are all awesome* ones they themselves would enjoy and a lot of love goes into the running of the company and customer satisfaction.

We as Antidote have – and always will – strive to create events that bring people joy and wholesome escapism from the urban grind. And Wonderush helps us do that on a much wider scale whilst at the core sharing in the same values. So finding this new BFF in Wonderush has made for a pretty good future we hope.

Go check them out here and have a read of their blog while you’re at it, it’s got some goodies in.

*OK Ok we’re slightly biased