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⚡️Raw Play Playshop ⚡️ Games for the unruly With Loose Baker 😄

There is a place beyond rules, beyond ‘this or that’ and beyond the ‘what am I doing?’ feeling… in this place we can find a kind of play to get submerged in, where you can forget where you begin and another ends, where things might seem a little wilder, a little more feral… And that is where we are going to head on this evening called Raw Play (or equally could be called Roar Play)…

After Loose’s last Antidote session, Loose observed the group going to this place described and how that is the kind of play that really gets her heart beating… where people drop the edge, forget the need for rules and swim in the unknown. Loose has 15 years experience of taking people to this place, so you’ll be in safe(ish) hands!

If this makes sense to you, then come along! If this doesn’t make sense to you, even better, come along! Come and make just another Tuesday night a little more juicy…

Benefits include:

🤩 Get a natural dopamine boost
🤩 Get exercise the easy way – by running around having fun!
🤩 Try something a bit different
🤩 Connect with others
🤩 Connect with your inner big kid in a welcoming and inclusive space


🤩 Testimonials for Antidote London 🤩

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “A wonderful place to play and laugh, no matter what workshop it is. The people who go are so much fun and I love the social aspect of going for a drink afterwards and feeling part of a community. A wonderful thing to exist in a city where it’s hard to build real connections.” Claudia Colvin

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I absolutely loved the energy during the workshop, I went to the African dance event and it was amazing – lots of fun and friendly people!” Maria Cynkier

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Everyone in London needs a dose of Antidote! The best well-being experience ever. We all need time out to be playful, try something, be with friends and meet new ones. I truly loved my session with ‘just go for it’ people. Come on! What ya waitin’ for???” Yvette Staelens

All of our games workshops are held by experienced friendly facilitators who are experts at creating good times and making everyone feel welcome..

🤩 No pressure to get it right
🤩 No competition
🤩 No weekly commitment
🤩 We are LGBTQ+friendly
🤩 Come alone or with friends


💧 Bottle of water
👟Comfy shoes

Checkout our website for more information :

Move around mildly

⚡️Raw Play Playshop ⚡️ Games for the unruly With Loose Baker 😄


7.30-9pm (doors 7.15)


The Winch


Free with a Flexipass