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The Healing Clown – A Little Further

The clown is a magical being. They are neither all happy or all sad – they are all of these things and they face everything with an open heart, wide eyes and a willingness to play. There is a clown within us all, Come and learn some simple ways that your inner clown can be one of your guides.  This workshop will give you space to reflect, find new parts of yourself and heal areas that might need it.

Led by professional fool, community catalyst and creative producer Loose Baker. She has honed her ability to be an quality idiot over the last 10 years and is most recently out and about performing as a multi-gendered Missiah reincarnation called Shesus. She knows 600 games, has performed all over Europe and is interested in where Spirituality meets performance.

No experience necessary.

Move around mildly

The Healing Clown –  A Little Further


7.15-9pm (Doors at 7pm)


WAC Arts
213 Haverstock Hill