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Laughter Yoga and Games

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There’ll be laughter exercises, play and games galore courtesy of Clowning Facilitator, Laughter Leader and real life ray of sunshine, Carol Thompson.

Carol’s training was in English and Theatre Arts at the University of Toronto and the Drama Studio in London. She worked in Education and Theatre for some years and then qualified to be a Psychosynthesis therapeutic counsellor and an NLP Master Practitioner. Carol took these skills into business in the private and public sectors as a Communication Skills Trainer. In recent years she has become involved in the positive psychology movement as a Laughter Leader and now a Clowning Facilitator, combining her interests in education, theatre and psychology.

Expect an evening of activities designed to tickle your funny bone good and proper. This is the perfect workshop for anyone who fancies exploring their playful side a bit more.

Move around mildly

Laughter Yoga and Games


7.15-9pm (Doors at 7pm)


WAC Arts
Belsize Park


Easter Special: ALL tickets £5 online!!!
Free with a Flexipass