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Latin American Singing Workshop

Looking to unleash the Latin American siren hidden within you? Then join us for a sensational evening of singing Latin American songs, such as a heartfelt Argentinian ‘Zamba’, a lullaby from Venezuela and a ‘Bullerengue’ from Colombia.

Led by the charismatic Camilo Menjura, whose expertise focuses on traditional South American music, in particular Afro-Colombian and Afro-Peruvian – we’ll harmonise and create rhythms using our voices. Together we’ll generate a wonderful earthy and warm sound with a touch of funk too!

All levels welcome… the  joy of group singing is something every person should experience!

Take it easy

Latin American Singing Workshop


7.15-9pm (Doors at 7pm)


WAC Arts
213 Haverstock Hill


Booking fee applies.