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Theatre Of The Oppressed With Tony Cealy

This workshop will be a playful mix of essential games and techniques from the arsenal of Theatre Of The Oppressed.  Theatre of the Oppressed is a collection of innovative theatre techniques and games created with the intention to motivate people and create space for social and behavioural change.  It was created in the 1970’s by Brazilian Theatre practioner Augosto Boal.  

In this workshop you will be expertly led by Tony Cealy. Tony is a drama facilitator, theatre practitioner, arts activist, agitator and creative producer. We’re thrilled Tony is bringing his skills and many years of experience to Antidote.  

“The purpose of Theatre of the Oppressed is to reumanize humanity.” Augusto Boal

Move around mildly

Theatre Of The Oppressed With Tony Cealy






£5 plus booking fees
Free with a Flexipass